As part of activities marking the 27th anniversary of the hanging of the Ogoni 9 in 1995, the Executive Director Youths and Environmental Advocacy Center, Fyneface Dumnamene Fyneface embarked on a symbolic planting of mangrove trees to aid in the recovery of the polluted environment of Ogoni. The tree planting was done in GIO community, Tai local government area of Rivers State.

The Executive Director, said the reason for which the Ogoni Nine, were killed in 1995, 27 years ago is yet to be accomplished.

“The water and the environment is polluted. Unfortunately, the on going cleanup by the Hydrocarbon pollution Remediation project (HYPREP) has not been properly done to the extent that the environment can be properly recovered”. Fyneface said the Ogoni struggle was hinged on three pillars Environmental degradation, compensation paid to the people that have been impacted by the pollution. Then we talk about the economic strangulation.

“Because of the massive environmental pollution, the people do not have fish anymore. They can’t fish, they can’t farm. Everywhere is polluted. Their is also the issue of political marginalization”.

He added, that the Ogoni people have not been properly represented in both State and Federal institutions. “Since the creation of Rivers in 1967, till today 2022, an Ogoni man has not been governor, an Ogoni has not been Deputy governor, an Ogoni man has not been chief judge and an Ogoni has not been the speaker of the State assembly.

“If we can be this marginalized, then why wouldn’t the Ogoni people agitate for opportunities in the Nigerian system?” he queried

According to the activist, they remember the Ogoni Nine this year by planting mangroves trees to see how the environment can be recovered in order for fishermen and farmers to begin to have their environment back.  Fyneface Dumnamene Fyneface, calls for solidarity support for opportunities, to plant more mangrove so that the younger generation can have a better environment.

“We call for partnership, we call for collaborations to remember the Ogoni 9, by having our environment restored so that fishing and farming can thrive again.”