The Executive Director of Youths and Environmental Advocacy Centre (YEAC), Fyneface Dumnamene Fyneface response to allegation by one “MAOBUYE NANGI OBU” who stole ADVOCACY CENTRE’S idea on PACORDI, threatens our Executive Director, staff, organization and vendor, Guardian Newspaper in this public notice and press release. He has been reported to the Police for arrest, investigation and prosecution for for stealing my idea and intellectual property on PACORDI, insulting me, threatening my staff, my life, our organization and our client: The Guardian Newspaper as well as for publishing false information against me, defaming my character and misleading unsuspecting members of the public. Below are details of the unfortunate incident and the account of our Executive Director which had since March 18, 2021 sent Mr. Nangi into his shell after vomiting fire on March 15, 2021.
My attention as the Executive Director of Youths and Environmental Advocacy Centre (YEAC) was on Monday, March 15, 2021 drawn to phone call threats and character defamatory publications with defamatory comments against me and our organization on social media by one “MAOBUYE NANGI OBU” who is now known to hail from Krakrama in Asari-Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State
claiming that I stole his idea and intellectual property on PACORDI which he published on his birthday being October 20, 2020 and that he had contacted his lawyer to sue me, my organization and The Guardian Newspaper for plagiarism.
A man later known as Mr. Maobuye Nangi Obu called our Port Harcourt office on Monday, March 15, 2021 insulting my staff, me and threatening that he is going to deal with Fyneface for stealing his idea on PACORDI but refused mentioning his name. He went further to ask my staff why she is working for an
“uneducated, cerebrally-lazy criminal, 419-youth, etc.” like Fyneface who stole his intellectual property and a “fraudulent” organization among many other unprintable names. My staff further reported to me that when she could no longer bear the insults and threats alone, she decided to start recording him so that I can hear some part of it myself. Again, by 10:35PM, late night of same March 15, I missed a call on 08035667827. I called the number back by 11:40PM and the person said his name is MAOBUYE NANGI OBU that I stole his idea on PACORDI and that he dropped message for me on WhatsApp and started insulting and threatening me and my organization for stealing his idea on PACORDI that he posted on Facebook October 20, 2020. When the threats became so unbearable for me at that time of the night, I told him to please go to court as he said that I will meet him there and cut the call after we spoke for 2minutes 4seconds. I checked my WhatsApp and saw a message with Facebook link titled “FRAUD ALERT: PLAGIARISM OF THE HIGHEST ORDER”. I clicked the link and read more in the post that he tagged 50 other persons on his Facebook wall and confirmed further that he actually posted about PACORDI on October 20, 2020 as his original idea and I laughed because he deceived himself and was threatening me for no reason.
My position and facts about the matter is that I did NOT steal Mr. Nangi’s idea on PACORDI as he claimed and published on October 20, 2020; rather, he stole my idea and MUST be prosecuted for it. I have not known Nangi before, we are not friends on social media and in fact, I didn’t know that such person exists on this earth till this accusation and threats to my life that I stole his idea on social media.
I, FYNEFACE DUMNAMENE FYNEFACE is the ORIGINAL owner of PACORDI. I conceived and developed PARCORDI in July, 2020, few days after the Federal Government launched “Presidential Artisanal Gold Mining Development Initiative (PAGMI) and 3 Months before Mr. Nangi stole my idea for himself as birthday gift on October 20, 2020 and then posted it on YouTube on October 30, 2020.
You may wish to know that I have been advocating and researching into artisanal refining issues since 2013, written multiple groundbreaking reports and serving as both local and international research consultants for Universities, institutions and research students and now also the Niger Delta Coordinator of Artisanal Refiners for Modular Refineries since 2017. Thus, it was not difficult for me to coin PACORDI.
I posted about PAGMI which I tailored PACORDI towards on My Facebook Wall first on Monday, July 27, 2020 and same day; I talked about PAGMI/PACORDI on radio at WISH, 99.5FM Port Harcourt. Furthermore, I have popularized PACORDI, send it to the Federal Government and the National Assembly, demanding for legislative action for its implementation which I must say that it contributed to the reason for the organization of the National Summit on the integration of artisanal/modular petroleum refineries in Nigeria into national economy by the Federal Government (commendedon March 16th and 17th, 2021 in Abuja which I was invited to attend and also participate in the technical session as an expert on the issue and we attended. When House of Representatives’ Committee on Environment invited me to speak on the implementation of UNEP Report on Ogoni on October 12, 2020, I talked about PACORDI as part of measures to address issues around artisanal crude oil refining in Ogoni and parts of the Niger Delta to stop re-pollution as the clean-up gets on the way.
As post-October 20, 2020 advocacy activities around PACORDI, I featured live and discussed PACORDI and Modular Refineries among others on Rhythm 93.7FM ViewPoint on Saturday, October 31, 2020 and on November 16, 2020, we organized training for artisanal refiners in Ogoni and surrounding communities and PACORDI was used as part of the training, aired on many radio stations and published online by SweetCrude Reports ,etc. Also, on Tuesday, December 8, 2020 we organized yet another program and trained artisanal refiners in Rivers State on PAGMI/PACORDI and published on our website at as also published by SweetCrude Reports on December 10, 2020;
Daily Independent Newspaper of December 15, 2020; Guardian Newspaper of December 21, 2020 and March 15, 2021 and The Cable of February 11, 2021 among others.
So, who stole whose idea? He that published on October 20, 2020 or Fyneface that first published on July 27, 2020? This is a clear case of a thief calling the farm owner a thief because the owner was not fast enough to catch the thief! I have other documents and electronically transmitted and dated mails containing PACORDI that I sent to partner organizations in Nigeria and the United States of America BEFORE October 20, 2020 that I will produce and tender in Court as further proves that PACORDI is my idea before October 20, 2020 when Mr. Nangi stolen it as his birthday gift.
As at 10:28AM on Thursday, March 18, 2021 when the petition to the Police against Mr. Nangi was printed, those who have called me “thief” and other unprintable names based on the falsehood and misleading publication against me by “Mr. Plagiarism” include Princewill Dike Platform, St. Franklyn Oraye, Amachree Danagogo, Evans Proper Nengi, Asike Edward, Douglas-Iyalla, Fred Tamunokuru Phillips, Ibifa-a Amas, Brown Isobonye Ebenezer, Ibe Ikechi, Joseph Majefe Ekebo, Joseph Diepiriye, Ikiemoye Iniamagha, Tonye Soso Harry and Daso Kennedy.
I wonder where Mr. Plagiarism will keep his face now that the public and himself know that I am the original owner of PACORDI after threatening my life, my staff, organization and defaming the reputable character of a man that among others had represented him to advise Nigeria and other world leaders on Niger Delta issues at the United Nations General Assembly and shared platform with President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR as far back as 2016 when he was still doing boyfriend and girlfriend on the streets.
I am in touch with the Guardian Newspaper (correspondent) and we are ready for Mr. Plagiarism’s legal action but while we wait, I have request that the Commissioner of Police kindly arrest, investigate and prosecute Mr. Maobuye Nangi Obu (08035667827) for stealing my idea and intellectual property on PACORDI, insulting me, threatening my staff, my life, our organization and our client: The Guardian Newspaper as well as for publishing false information against me, defaming my character and misleading unsuspecting members of the public.
I use this medium to put the Government of Rivers State, Commissioner of Police, the Federal Government of Nigeria including the Inspector General of Police as well as the diplomatic and international community on notice that my life has unjustly come under threats again as an Environmental Justice Activist, Human Rights Defender and Executive Director of Youths and Environmental Advocacy Centre (YEAC).
Best regards from me and all of us at ADVOCACY CENTRE
Regional Facilitator, Platform for the Coordination of Niger Delta Artisanal Refiners for Modular Refinery and Executive Director, Youths and Environmental Advocacy Centre

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