Promote Education, Capacity Development, Peace And Non-Violence Among Youths through;

  • ​Promoting the education and enlightenment of youths through educational supports, sharing educational ​information about local and foreign scholarship opportunities, ​exchange programmes, etc.
  • Organising programmes such as seminars, workshops and career ​guide/counselling talk shows for children, pupils and students in primary and secondary schools as well as tertiary institutions;
  • Promoting capacity development, skills ​acquisition and entrepreneurial skill development for youths for ​self-reliance.
  • Establishing chapters in schools, polytechnics, monotechnics, colleges​ of education and universities’ campuses to develop the capacity of ​youths, promote reading culture, peace, nonviolence, campaign ​against examination malpractices, drug abuse and cultism for youths ​to inculcate positive values and ethics for social development, etc.
  • Promote nonviolence, peace and peace-building mechanisms in communities through trainings, advocacy, mediation, negotiation strategies through the engagement of multi-stakeholders such as federal and state governments, civils societies organizations, oil companies and international development partners to address local priorities and raise community profiles in a constructive and sustainable fashion for peace and development to thrive.

Promote Environmental Protection And Sustainability through.

  • ​Promoting general awareness about environmental protection ​​and sustainability, tree planting and energy-saving activities;
  • ​Campaigning against environmental pollution and re-pollution
  • ​Advocating for environment clean-up, remediation and ​​​​restoration of livelihoods in hydrocarbon polluted areas, etc.

Campaign Against Oil Theft, Artisanal Refining and Pollution Advocacy through

  • Campaigning against oil theft and artisanal refining that ​contribute to environmental pollution, destruction of the ​ecosystem, loss of livelihoods, resources and revenues;
  • Promoting youths’ empowerment and employment to ​disabuse their minds from oil theft and artisanal refineries;
  • Promote renewable energy, fish farming, rice farming, modular refineries, etc. as alternative means of livelihoods for youths involved in oil theft and artisanal refining to achieve environmental sustainability in the Niger Delta;
  • Organising town hall meetings, training workshops, conferences and roundtables ​discussions to sensitise youths and disabuse their minds from ​oil theft, artisanal refining and further pollution of the Niger ​Delta environment.
  • Promote and support other alternative livelihood opportunities for youths involved in artisanal crude oil refining in the Niger Delta for environmental protection;

Promote Human Rights, Maternal Health and Sanitation through

  • Promoting maternal health, child rights, nutrition and effective ​​​breast-feeding of babies through seminars, conferences and ​​​meetings with expectant mothers in hospitals, communities, etc.
  • Promotion and creation of awareness on human and peoples rights among children, pupils and students in communities, primary, secondary schools and universities
  • ​​Mobilize youths for environmental sanitation, hygiene and ​​​provision of portable drinking water for lacking rural communities

Advocate On Climate Change And Forest Conservation through

    • Creating awareness about the causes of climate change, its ​​​consequences and promoting adaptation, mitigation, clean ​​​and renewable energy and green development;
    • ​Advocating for forest and wildlife conservation and campaigning ​​against illegal deforestation and threats to forest-dependent ​​​communities;
    • ​Promoting tree-planting, women participation in land and forest ​​related activities for livelihoods and food security;
    • ​Carrying out Environmental monitoring, research, training of forest-dependent communities ​​​on forest conservation and producing short advocacy videos and short ​​​stories.

Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Advocacy!

We campaign against corrupt practices in society and demand good governance from public office-holders as corruption practices affect the provision of social amenities for people. We advocacy for accountability and good governance as solutions. 

Partner and Collaborate with Other Organisations For Social Development through

  • ​ We partner and collaborate with other local and international organizations, institutions, donor ​agencies and development partners with similar objectives for advocacy and development.