Following our public notice dated March 18, 2022 for Communities Without Electricity (CWE), over 15 Communities were as at March 20 submitted to Youths and Environmental Advocacy Centre (YEAC).

Due to the limited time available to Advocacy Centre to submit the names to its partners for processing, consideration and development of the project, we published yet an update on March 20 for some of the Communities that we could not visit immediately to collect and gather the data for those who submitted them to do so.

However, YEAC was able to visit three closely located Communities in Ahoada West on March 20 and discussed with some community leaderships and we are good to go ahead. Those other Communities that we are yet to visit in person would be visited as soon as their entry are considered and approved.

We appreciate your supports and we will do well to keep to the demands on ADVOCACY CENTRE beyond just words.

Executive Director, YEAC.