Recent developments in the fight against oil theft, artisanal refineries and illegal bunkering in the Niger Delta is the bombing of vessels, badges, boats and illegal refinery sites allegedly containing stolen crude oil using fighter jets by the Nigerian Airport and partner security operatives.
While Youths and Environmental Advocacy Centre (YEAC-Nigeria) registered by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) “to campaign against oil theft, artisanal refining and pollution” among others has been trying its best in on this advocacy, developing combative toolkits with landmark proposals for alternative livelihood opportunity for artisanal refiners including Presidential Artisanal Crude Oil Refining Development Initiative (PACORDI), Network on Organized Crime in Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea (NOCINAG) and promotion of Modular Refineries for Artisanal Refiners among other oil theft mitigation mechanisms for Nigeria, the organization and its Executive Director, Fyneface Dumnamene Fyneface is not pleased with the use of fighter jets, bombs, dynamite and other war equipment by security operatives in the fight against oil theft and artisanal refineries in the Niger Delta due to the devastating effect of those war approaches when the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC), Tantita Security Services, Army and other anti-bunkering teams are already deployed and making steady process.
Most worrisome about the use of fighter jets to bomb illegal refinery sites is the environmental implications of the crude oil destroyed into the environment and the soot it generates as well of the impact of the action on the ecosystem, aquatic lives and livelihoods of fishermen.
YEAC-Nigeria condemns this approach and called for restraints while reiterating the call for the uses of a combination of the carrot and stick approach to address the menace of pipeline vandalism, oil theft and artisanal refineries in the Niger Delta.